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Stainless Steel Plaques: House Numbers

Our stainless steel plaques are combined with solid wood mahogany backboards
for a smart and sleek look. Our standard plaque size is 231mm x 156mm
(approximately 9 inch x 6 inch).

Due to the nature of the product, you will only ever need to make this one off
purchase for your home as stainless steel unlike regular
steel does not readily corrode, tarnish or rust. This makes it ideal to display
outside of your front door as it will not be destroyed or ruined by the elements.

Personalised for Pets!

Anodised Aluminium - Engraved on both sides

Our services also include providing personalised: dog tags, identification tags/discs, name plates from dog houses etc. So even your pet can get their own quality engraved products.


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