What makes engraving special?

Engraving is used for marking and identifying a range of materials and products. Engraving is as diverse as printing when it comes to the range of services it can offer.


Different from alternative printing methods, engraving offers a distinct advantage. The process of physically cutting into the material or product produces and indelible mark, which only engraving can achieve.


This mechanical and traditional process also has higher perceived value than printing. A printed badge or architectural nameplate doesn’t communicate the same feeling of quality when compared to an engraved alternative (and long may it continue). A quality engraved product can add an extra touch of proffesionalism to any buisness, home or public place etc.


Whilst some engravers or manufacturers specialize or specific products like badges or labels, the traditional engraver equips his workshop to be able to engrave various materials and products.


An engraver is as likely to be asked to produce labels as he is to engrave a product or component for health and safety purposes. Versatility is a key ingredient to the success of any engraver and for the full satisfaction of our customers.


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