Purchase personalised and unique ID badges and name plates for you and your staff...

Here at Trigg Engraving Ltd we supply name badges,general ID badges and name plates to all manner of buisness big and small.


We have a demand from those in the health authorities to new buisness owners . Now whether it is a small private dental practice, brand new hospital ward or a new budding business venture and you want your name over the door! we can cater to your every need.


We are able to create badges with company logos, slogans and designs. We don't simply add a name, therfore each badge can be unique and individual to that company.

Here we have an example of our badges with their different fittings. We can supply you with badges with either a pin fitting, or a magnetic fitting.

Examples of customised badges showing information such as: the companies logo, name of staff member and their role etc.

Beneath you can see two examples of name plates we can supply. These can be fitted to door or walls etc. These examples are plastic brushed silver and gold nameplates with black text


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